1821 Hacienda

As crazy as it seems, in August of 2014, we decided to sell our beloved urban farm and move into a portion of a hacienda that dates all the way back to 1821.  (Unfortunately, the urban farm didn’t sell quickly, but we are lucky enough to have some fantastic renters in there 🙂 )

This was not something that we planned, but sometimes leaping and trusting that the net will appear is just the best way to go, isn’t it?

Here’s the thing, we always knew that our urban farm was not going to be our “forever home”…we long too deeply for wide open spaces…for land to cultivate and space to raise chickens and animals…for peace, quiet and a bit of respite from city life (you know, traffic and sirens and all that jazz).

We’ve dreamt of what I’ve deemed our “Eventual Farm”, and the potential for a Farm Stay type of B & B, made lists of amenities and future animals, and continued building and maintaining our urban farm…all the while feeling a bit like we were spinning our wheels because we knew where we were and we knew where we wanted to be, but we didn’t know what any of the middle steps would be to get from point A to point B.

So, when the opportunity presented itself to rent a place on ~6 acres as a middle step, we jumped on it!

Now, if you’ve been poking around the blog, you know that we didn’t stay in this Hacienda for long and are now living on an 11 acre homestead even farther north! So, we’ve bopped around a bit in the last couple of years and that’s been hard, but also a huge learning for us!  Truly, where the next year or two or seven might take us has yet to be determined and that’s actually the point!  Not being attached to a specific space or an outcome…having the opportunity to start again…all while dreaming and scheming and finding our next steps!

It truly is an adventure!


P.S. Wanna see the Hacienda where we spent a few months while contemplating our next steps? How about a little tour?


1821 Hacienda- Kitchen - Ever Growing Farm

Dining Room/Home Office

1821 Hacienda Tour - Dining Room and Office

Living Room

1821 Hacienda - Living Room ::: Ever Growing Farm


1821 Hacienda - Bedroom

Laundry Room and Bathrooms

1821 Hacienda - Powder Room