11 Acre Homestead

After leaving our urban farm for a brief stint at the 1821 Hacienda, we found a wonderful 11 acre mini-farm in a tiny little town in Northern New Mexico about an hour north of Santa Fe and right on the Chama River!

The beautiful thing about this rental is that our landlady farmed the land organically for ~20 years before beginning to rent it out a few years ago!  Not only does that mean that the ground is chemical free, it also means that she put lots of time and intention into the property and the house itself in the way of building and maintaining infrastructure.

While the Hacienda was a nice idea in theory, the property we sit on now truly has the potential for real homesteading 🙂  From the massive garden with water rights off the acequia that runs through the property to the old adobe chicken and turkey coop to the goat area to the established orchard and grape vines to the greenhouse, there is so much potential wrapped up in this property, the mind boggles a bit!

Additionally, the house itself offers the comfort of amenities that only come from one living in this space for years and working out some of the kinks.  The four bedrooms and two full bathrooms aside, there is a screened in porch (perfect for warm weather meals and sunset views), a work space in the two car garage, an awesome wood stove, and a laundry room complete with a large sink.

This current chapter of our journey is full of all kinds of twists, turns, and steep learning curves and while we’re pretty much exhausted all the time, we truly are so grateful to have such a beauitful place to land and from which to begin outlining our next chapter!

Thank you so much for coming along for the ride 🙂